Where did the US go wrong?

At present, the United States of America has the highest number of cases and deaths in the world due to COVID-19. How can such a developed nation that has advanced capabilities and a sound medical infrastructure collapse like that? If this thought crossed your mind, then further reading this article will elucidate as to what […]Read More

Hong Kong dance maestro who grooves to Bollywood tunes

When Olive Ho first saw a Bollywood song, she felt an instant connection with the dance moves that has grown multifold over the years. While her peers advised her not to pursue something that she wasn’t aware of, Ho went on to prove the point that following your dreams will always lead you to the […]Read More

Impact of COVID-19 on Hong Kong’s F&B industry

Space constraint in Hong Kong is something that everyone in the world is familiar with. Due to limitations in terms of expansion, every square-foot is valued even more than gold. In terms of operating a business in Hong Kong, the challenges multiply due to several factors. There are more than 15,000 restaurants, bars and cafes […]Read More

The Russian Doll that houses multiple creative outlets

Executing multiple roles can be tiresome for many, but for this visionary who has gone on to accomplish a name for herself in the creative sphere, it’s child’s play. What makes Aanchal Wadhwani stand out from the crowd is that she has mastered all the trades that she became a part of. If you are […]Read More

Hong Kong’s soul on canvas through the eyes of a

Born in Russia, studied across Europe, spent seven years in China before settling in Hong Kong, Anna Salenko’s journey has witnessed several twists and turns but she made sure that she captured her emotions while she got familiar with different cities. The 30-year-old artist equates Hong Kong with the soul of a beautiful young girl […]Read More

Eliminating the language barrier

YouTube sensation New Dellily has not only eliminated the language barrier between Hong Kong and India but has also helped in clearing the misperceptions between the two communities. The 27-year-old, who has 8K subscribers on YouTube, is known for creating content from the heart and her humble persona adds impetus to her cause of uniting […]Read More

Why is it challenging to develop a COVID-19 vaccine?

It has almost been a year since the first case of COVID-19 was reported. At present, 47.2 million cases have been recorded worldwide and 1.2 million lives have been lost. The nightmare is far from over. A little earlier, there weren’t even enough test kits. Now that the antigen and antibody tests are being used […]Read More

What goes in the development of a COVID-19 antigen test?

The ongoing pandemic COVID-19, medically termed as CoV-SARS-2, has not only impacted billions of lives physically but has also had detrimental effects on economic systems. Thus, it has exposed the flaws among developed as well as developing nations and has left the world reeling with poverty, unemployment and uncertainty. In order to answer these existing […]Read More

Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋節

The Mid-Autumn Festival is the second most celebrated festival in Chinese culture after the Lunar Chinese New Year. Around that time of the year, my instant recollection is of my childhood when I was in Grade 6 – my primary school friends and I would be running around with lanterns in Chai Wan, making merry throughout […]Read More

Defying stereotypes and carving a niche

Harmony “Anne-Marie” Ilunga and Mslolo Londiwe Ngubeni are natives of Congo and South Africa, respectively. How these two women fought against discrimination and stereotypes to carve a niche for themselves in Hong Kong is exemplary. Find out more in this candid interview. Harmony “Anne-Marie” Ilunga (Harmony) She is the founder of Harmony – a Hong […]Read More