Skinimalism is here to stay!

Skincare is an integral part of our lives. We all have a range of skincare products that we use to look our best. But, do we really need all of them? The global beauty industry is one of the most profit-making industries. According to Forbes, the beauty industry was worth US$ 532 billion in 2019 […]Read More

Don’t fall prey to brands that use greenwashing to boost

Sustainable, eco-friendly, green, ethical and natural are the buzzwords most commonly used on everything we consume these days. From food to clothing, a diverse range of products as well as policies are sold under these labels. If you are one of those consumers who are concerned about the environment and wants to bring about a […]Read More

The healing touch of a paint brush

Every work of art has some story or inspiration behind it, mine was no different. The pandemic has rattled us all for good and while we try to understand more about what’s to come, sanity is at its brink. To find a solution to this onslaught, I tried to revisit my childhood days and bring back […]Read More

Classic white kurta and its versatility

In the previous edition, I emphasised on using products that promote sustainable fashion. As an extension to that, this feature revolves around an outfit that can be used multiple times. During the pandemic, I reorganised my wardrobe and realised how little I actually need and how much I actually own. As an effort to contribute […]Read More

Conscious Consumerism

Shopping is a word that excites one and all. After all, who does not love to shop? A few years ago, one would go shopping only for essentials but with changing times, the trend has changed. Nowadays, people shop for everything and anything that they desire. For many, shopping is equivalent to therapy. Whether one […]Read More

It may not glitter, but silver surely is the statement

If there’s one piece of jewellery that’s an absolute certainty in any woman’s closet then it has to be those silver ornaments that can be teamed up with almost any outfit. These ornaments not only complement most natural skin tones but also give a classy appeal and are low maintenance. While it may not glitter […]Read More