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21 days of self-love

21 days of self-love

When the first phase of a lockdown of 21 days was announced in India due to COVID-19 pandemic, I decided to undertake a self-love challenge for keeping my mind and body healthy. The task was simple as I used daily household ingredients such as tomato, aloe vera, onion, honey, coffee, cucumber, lemon, ginger, and flour among others, to keep my anxiety at bay and ensure my well-being. Out of the three weeks, one week each was dedicated to HairSkin and Body Care with specific objectives for alternate days so that I could evaluate the difference post #21daysofselflove. The results were genuinely impressive and I felt a sense of immediate satisfaction after accomplishing the daily tasks. While the world is trying to find a cure to this pandemic, undertake these simple DIY challenges that will relax your mind and will synchronise your body and soul.

Hair Care

Day 1 (Ingredient: Rice)
1. Take half a cup of rice and add one cup of water 
2. Put the mixture in a bowl for 30 minutes
3. Stir and strain the rice
4. Pour the strained water in a spray bottle
5. Shake well and apply on scalp and hair length
6. Leave it for 30 minutes
7. Wash and condition

Benefits: Helps in hair growth and strengthens hair strands. It removes dandruff and improves appearance.

Day 2 (Ingredient: Lemon)
1. Squeeze the juice from a lemon
2. Spray it on hair and massage
3. Leave it for 10 minutes
4. Wash and condition

Benefits: It reduces oil on the scalp and makes hair healthy. Also reduces dandruff and gives shine.

Day 3 (Ingredient: Ginger)
1. Peel a ginger
2. Cut and grind finely in a mixer
3. Add two to three tablespoons of coconut oil
4. Strain the mix through a muslin cloth
5. Mix and massage on roots
6. Keep for one to two hours
7. Wash and condition

Benefits: Strengthens hair from root to tip. It has an antiseptic quality that controls oily scalp and dandruff. 

Day 4 (Ingredient: Onion)
1. Chop onion and blend it
2. Put the juice on scalp
3. Leave it for 10 minutes
4. Rinse with shampoo

Benefits: Helps in regrowth of hair. It Minimises breakage and provides the scalp with nutrients. 

Day 5 (Ingredient: Aloe Vera)
1. Peel aloe vera and extract 
2. Apply gel on scalp and hair
3. Leave it for 45 minutes
4. Rinse with warm water

Benefits: Removes dead cells from the scalp. It hydrates the scalp and gives a smooth texture to hair. 

Day 6 (Ingredients: Amla Juice)
1. Prepare a solution of amla juice 
2. Spray on scalp and massage 
3. Rinse with lukewarm water

Benefits: Provides vitamin C which helps in improving colour and texture.

Day 7 (Ingredients: Honey) 
1. Mix honey with shampoo
2. Apply and leave the mask for two minutes
3. Rinse with warm water

Benefits: Nourishes hair length. It hydrates the scalp and strengthens the hair follicles.

Skin Care

Day 1 (Ingredient: Tomato)
1. Take a small tomato
2. Cut it into two slices
3. Apply it all over your face
4. Leave the juice for five to six minutes
5. Rinse with cold water

Benefits: A powerful antioxidant that helps in clearing acne and brightens the skin as it clears the pores. It can be used as a replacement for toner.

Day 2 (Ingredient: Cucumber)
1. Cut cucumber and blend
2. Add half lemon and refrigerate
3. Rub the ice cube on your face
4. Leave the juice on for five minutes
5. Rinse with cold water

Benefits: Controls puffiness of the eyes and reduces dark circles. It also soothes sunburns and removes tanning.

Day 3 (Ingredient: Honey)
1. Add two tablespoons of honey and one tablespoon of sugar
2. Mix well
3. Apply on face and scrub
4. Keep it for five minutes
5. Wash 

Benefits: Clearer complexion and fewer blackheads. It hydrates the skin and the antiseptic qualities help in fighting acne.

Day 4 (Ingredient: Lemon)
1. Squeeze lemon juice 
2. Add two tablespoons sugar and two tablespoons lemon juice 
3. Mix well
4. Scrub and leave on face for five to ten minutes
5. Rinse with warm water

Benefits: It helps in removing dead skin and evens skin tone.

Day 5 (Ingredient: Aloe Vera)
1. Scrape the aloe vera 
2. Mash it a little for better consistency
3. Apply all over the face
4. Keep it on for five minutes
5. Wash with warm water

Benefits: Soothes sunburn and lightens dark spots. Helps in providing vitamins and nutrients. 

Day 6 (Ingredients: Coffee)
1. Add one tablespoon coffee and one tablespoon sugar
2. Mix well and add one tablespoon coconut oil
3. Add one tablespoon water
4. Mix well and apply
5. Scrub and leave it for 20 minutes
6. Rinse with water

Benefits: Removes tanning and reduces redness. It is also effective in treating acne and puffy eyes. 

Day 7 (Ingredients: Flour)
1. Add two tablespoons of flour and one tablespoon of yoghurt
2. Three tablespoons of water and mix
3. Apply and wait till it gets dry 
4. Don’t rinse, rub and scape it

Benefits: Lightens dark spots.

Body Care

Day 1: Get Moving (workout time: one minute)
1. Surya Namaskar (30 seconds)
2. Jumping Jacks (15 seconds)
3. High Knee Running (on the spot for 15 seconds) 

Day 2: Warming Up (workout time: five minutes; 40 seconds exercise, 20 seconds rest) 
1. Jogging (on the spot)
2. High Knee Running (on the spot)
3. Vertical Jump
4. Invisible Rope Jump 
5. Jumping Jacks

Day 3: Core Strengthening 
1. Standing Bicycle (30 seconds on each leg)
2. Oblique Crunch (30 seconds on each leg)
3. High Knee Running (30 seconds)
4. Passé Rotation (30 seconds on each leg)
5. Wood Chopper (30 seconds on each leg)
6. Plié Jumping Jacks (30 seconds)

Day 4: Glutes and Buttocks
1. Lunges and Lifts (one minute each leg)
2. Lunge Pulses (one minute each leg)
3. Double Dip Squats (one minute each leg)
4. Static Squats (30 seconds)
5. Pulse Squats (30 seconds)

Day 5: Include in Meal
1. Banana Shake: A powerhouse of vitamin C and fibre, a banana shake is great for the immune system
2. Apple: Great for hair and skin
3. Boiled Eggs: A rich source for calcium and protein 

Day 6: Cardio Exercises 
1. Jogging (on the spot)
2. High Knee Running (on the spot)
3. Squats and Knee Raises
4. Jumping Jacks 
5. Skater Jumps 

Day 7: Hamstrings and Quadriceps
1. Jumping Jacks
2. Jump Squats 
3. Squats with Calf Raise
4. Vertical Jumps
5. High Knee Running 

Asmita Anand

Asmita Anand

Asmita is the co-founder of Curio Creative Studio, a social media marketing firm that crafts brands with heart, soul, and sophistication. Her motto is do good, be good, and look good.