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The actual cost of clothing

This feature is about clothing — the clothes we wear, the people who make these clothes, and the impact they have on our world. It’s about greed and fear, power and poverty. It’s really complex as it extends all around the world. But, it’s also really simple, revealing just how connected we are to the […]Read More

Power of Fashion

Are you familiar with the story of Adam and Eve? Yes, we are referring to the Bible. God created Adam and Eve as the first human beings and they went on to live naked in the Garden of Eden. While living in paradise, Adam and Eve had access to anything and everything. The only restriction […]Read More

How to dress better this year

New year, new me! That’s something we all say at the start of a new year but don’t practise in reality. Six months down the line, we can surely recall saying the same in January but the implementation is still lacking. No more slacking as it’s time to change that and get your A-game to […]Read More