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Vision board and its benefits

Vision board and its benefits

A vision board is one of the many methods we teach within the ambit of the law of attraction, and it has helped many people manifest and realise their dreams. If you read the book, ‘Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne or watched the movie adaptation of it, you will be able to learn in great depth, the true magic of this concept. It is through this book that vision boards came into the limelight. A vision board gives you a visual of your dreams. It is a collection of your favourite quotes or affirmations, pictures of places you want to visit, the home you want to build, cars you want to own, and so on. It gives you the pleasure of visualising what you want to manifest in life.

Here are some benefits of having a vision board if you are actively trying to manifest your dreams:

  • Repetition is an important tool. Whenever you see your vision board, it sends a signal to your subconscious mind and embeds the images of your desired future in your mind. Whatever you do or achieve is because of what you have in your subconscious mind.
  • Keeps you focused on what you want to achieve.
  • Makes you happier and more positive about your manifestation journey.
  • Boosts your self-worth and confidence.
  • Helps you be grateful for the things you want to welcome in your life.
  • Helps you visualise your dreams.
  • It will keep you aligned with what you desire by raising your vibrations.

How to make a vision board:
Here are the steps you need to follow to create your own vision board:

Get a clear vision of what you want: It is important to know what you want and why you want it. A proper understanding and definition of your goals are needed for you to manifest them. Once you have clearly defined your goals and you recognise why it is truly important for you to achieve the goals you have, you are good to go. If you have no idea or you feel like you have everything then sit down, take a pen and journal, and write down how you want to see yourself in the coming months or years and how that would make you feel. All of this will surely motivate you to take action in your journey of manifestation.

Create a vision board: Once you know your goal, you need to either order a vision board online or you can create one on your phone or laptop. If you spend most of your time at home, then you can avoid gadgets and put a physical vision board in a place where you spend most of your time. If you are someone who stays on their toes and you do not sit in one place, then it will be better to have a wallpaper on your phone or laptop so that you can see it often and visualise all your goals. You can also have both as long as you can focus on both of them.

Customise your vision board: Once you have a board, you need to collect the right stuff to put on it, like quotes, affirmations, and pictures that align with the goals and desires you want to manifest. This step is crucial as when you see these things, it triggers the right emotions required to invoke inspiration and take actions that will help you fulfil your dreams. You can find pictures that align with your dream car, house, lifestyle, etc. or use an app to edit your pictures in the way you want. Be realistic while choosing the pictures. When you choose affirmations, make sure they align with your dream and boost your self-confidence. You can also add keychains for your dream car or any 3D object. If you are manifesting any relationship, you can put a picture of yourself with the same person. If that person is yet unknown to you, put a photo of a happy couple showing their back on your vision board. If you are manifesting good relations with your family, you can put their pictures. If you have a dream company or a dream designation, put it all there. If there is an amount of money you are manifesting, put a magic cheque on your vision board.

Here is a request — try not to make your board look messy. If you make your vision board messy or cluttered, you will unintentionally end up attracting such things into your life. Be as creative as you can be, decide on a layout for your vision board as per your choice, and start putting things together that are related to your dreams.

What to do when you see your vision board:

  • Make sure you see your vision board at least three to four times a day. Set a reminder if you have a busy schedule or if you keep forgetting that you need to look at it every now and then. Spare a few minutes every day to look at your vision board and visualise the life that you want.
  • When you see your vision board, spend a substantial time looking at each picture and element that you have on the board and then visualise a life with that element.
  • Visualise as if you already have received everything in your life. Live as if you’ve achieved all your goals as it will trigger emotions that are the key to manifestation. Hold that image or object firmly in your mind. Let your subconscious mind believe you have received it because it does not know the difference between real things and imagination.
  • Be as grateful as you can for everything you have achieved and for everything that is there on the board as if it is already there in your life. “Gratitude is the antidote to fear and worry”, is my favourite quote from Tony Robbins. If you have any worry or fear about manifesting your dreams, gratitude will act as an antidote and you will start taking action towards it.
  • Don’t be too attached to the timelines — when will I have it, why is it not coming, why is it not happening? If you create such thoughts, they will trigger emotions of fear, self-doubt, anxiety, and worry, and none of them is good when you are actively manifesting your dreams.
  • Don’t forget to take action. I keep on saying in all my seminars that action is a must in any manifestation. You need to take full responsibility for your actions. Vision boards can help you stay focused and aligned with what you want, but your actions will help you attract your desires.

Lastly, let’s commence the process of making your dreams a reality with the quote by Bob Proctor, “If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand”.

Diksha Dogra

Diksha Dogra

Diksha is a mind trainer, personality transformation coach, and a speaker. She helps people in reprogramming their subconscious mind to become a better version of themselves and live a joyful life.