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This New Year, the resolution is to implement the to-do list

This New Year, the resolution is to implement the to-do list

The beginning of a new year comes with its uncertainties. However, one thing that’s certain on New Year’s Eve is a list of new year’s resolutions that everyone makes. Some consciously, others unconsciously. While the new year presents us with the opportunity to better ourselves in comparison to the year gone by, the execution is where most of us falter. Hit the gym more often, following thy dreams, or learning a new language or instrument are some of the most common points in the to-do lists. Reality gets the better of these pointers as by the end of the first month, we are back to our usual routines and commit the same mistakes that we did not so long ago. If you feel that this is something that you experience year after year, let’s try to bring about a change with these simple steps.

Plan systematically
Don’t start making your resolutions at the very end. Take out time and think about the changes you truly wish to implement. If you make resolutions for the sake of it or for the fear of missing out or because your peers and contemporaries did it, you are most likely to fail in your mission. Resolutions need to be well-planned and should be well-researched. Make pros vs cons list to eliminate the slightest doubt and don’t hesitate to seek your parents’ or friends’ advice. Short-term goals yield better results in comparison to long-term goals that require immense concentration and dedication.

Keep realistic goals
We all want to attain the unattainable. Don’t we? The first step is to keep realistic goals and small targets that can be achieved quickly. If we set ourselves for an unrealistic goal, most likely we will be disappointed by our progress and will give up on the thought itself. For instance, if you want to lose weight and decide not to eat junk food ever, you’ll end up being frustrated. A cheat day once a week along with balanced nutrition on other days shall suffice.

Make it a habit
Looking to pursue a new hobby or develop a new habit? I was inspired by Author Charles Duhigg, who in his book The Power of Habit, talks about “The three R’s of Habits,” that help in forming a habit through a three-step process. First is a Reminder which is a trigger event. For instance, when you see a green traffic light, it triggers you to be in motion. The action you take is called Routine as you’ll start driving when you see the green light. It concludes with a Reward, which in this case is reaching the destination. Usually, if the reward gives you positive reaffirmation, then you will be more inclined to repeat the action when you see the Reminder. When this cycle is repeated continuously, a new habit is formed.

Reward yourself
Planning a reward system to help motivate you, will increase the probability of success. You can set weekly or monthly reminders that’ll reward you for sticking to the plan and not deviating. As days go by, positive results will establish a sense of accomplishment and will assist you in quickly moving on to the next step. Whether it is a cheat meal or a mini vacation or going on a shopping spree, celebrate the landmarks and gear up for future challenges.

Two is better than one
Another way to execute your goals is to share them with your well-wishers and ask them to keep you motivated in case you start drifting away. Some people resort to social media to share their journey and become a source of inspiration for others. You can update your group or be discreet with your thoughts if you are not a social bee. However, it is important that you partner up with someone or be connected to like-minded individuals who are working towards a similar goal. You don’t have to bring out the evil streak while competing but some healthy competition won’t do any harm. If anything, it will push you the extra mile to do better.

Don’t lose hope
One of the most important aspects of setting targets for yourself is to believe in your abilities and not give up. Don’t be too harsh on yourself if you can’t see the desired results within the set timeframe. Keep following your routine and the results will follow soon. Life doesn’t go as per plan all the time. So, it is important that you take one day at a time and continue growing. Don’t expect things to happen overnight. Experts suggest that it takes about two months to form a new habit and close to six months for it to become a part of your personality. If something doesn’t work out, go back to the drawing board and start afresh.

It is the journey, not the destination
If you are really serious about changing something in your life, nothing is impossible. Whether you have been successful in the past or not, doesn’t matter. What matters is what mindset you have towards your goal and how committed you are to achieving those results. Everyone wants to unleash their new version as soon as we talk about New Year’s Eve. Only those who abide by their routines can truly unveil the “New Year, New Me” look as consistency is of utmost importance. Let’s keep these basic pointers in mind and who knows, you might actually live through the year without breaking any resolutions.

Zikria Faheem

Zikria Faheem

Zikria is a foodie, movie buff, and a sports fanatic. He wants to be a part of new opportunities and is eager to make a difference. He has completed his graduation in Business Administration.