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Poems on Life Experiences and Love by Suchi Bansal

Poems on Life Experiences and Love by Suchi Bansal

A Lost Girl

A lost girl, too scared of the people around
But she had her family to calm her down
There came an angel and showed her a dream
In the dream, her family was nowhere to be found

She asked the angel, why she has to do it alone
The angel said, “The journey you are supposed to walk on, can’t be done with the known”
As scared as she was, she turned the angel down and asked her to go away
But it was her destiny, so the angel had to convince her by finding a way

The angel gave her a deal she couldn’t refuse, “If you do not survive, I will give you one thing you most desire”
The girl thought it was finally her chance to get what she always wanted, just need to go through the fire
Negotiations after negotiations, the girl finally agreed to take the leap of faith
Knowing in her mind, it will be sooner than later that she will be back, smiling at this thought, she found herself on a plane

But her heart never beat so fast before when she travelled
She thought this is it, looks like she won’t even survive the landing, but she couldn’t go back without the mystery being unravelled
She landed in the new city which was even more beautiful than the dream surrounded by beautiful mountains and a vast ocean 
She was mesmerised by the views and the vibes and thought she can treat it like a long long vacation

As days passed by, she understood what the angel wanted to do
So she tried letting go of her fears, faced them and converted them into a myth that was never real
It was not easy and this was the first step towards what she set out to achieve
But now she started enjoying the journey, all the pain and hardships and most importantly she started to believe

She became stronger, so strong that it was now she who came to her family’s aid
And then one day, that angel came again to give her what she desired most, in return for a trade
The angel said, “I can put you out of misery and send you back to your family where you belong”
With it, I bear a gift, your desire, which was promised to you all along

She looked at the angel, finding the right words and trying to resist the temptation
Oh my dear angel, “Thank you for showing me the light, the path ahead is not easy, but now I have had a revelation”
This new city gave me a completely new perspective and clarity with regard to why I was brought to this place
What I desired earlier, was way too small compared to what lies ahead for me to embrace
So I now relieve you of your promise to take me back to where I used to belong
As I have now found a home in this beautiful city called Hong Kong

Love & You

I was told to write about you
So I smiled and took a pause
And I thought, who are you
And where are you

Are you in the breeze that touches me sensuously
Are you in my hair that plays with my face
Are you in my eyelids which hold my tear
Are you in my smile which hides a Tsumani within me
Are you in my ears that ushers words of appreciation
Are you in my fist which tries to balance me when out of calm
Are you in my mirror that just assures me everything is going to be fine
Are you in my dreams that see me every night to make me feel alive
Are you in the outer cover that protects me from seasons and people
Are you in my body which pushes me every time and does not let me down
Are you in my breaths which gives me purpose with each passing millisecond 
Are you in my heart that pumps me with emotions and makes me human

Who are you?

Are you in this material body who shows the world who I am
Or are you in my soul who shows me who I am

Who are you?

So I smiled again and replied in one sentence 
“You are not to be seen by others, but just to be felt by me”
I was then asked, seems like you are in love
And I just smiled again and said “No, I am love”

Poems by: Suchi Bansal

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