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Mind over matter: let’s prevent another pandemic from happening

Mind over matter: let’s prevent another pandemic from happening

Talks about mental health and well-being have been around the corner for eons. As mental disorders don’t leave a physical mark on the body, therefore it isn’t something that is taken seriously. However, things have changed post-COVID-19. The pandemic has not only caused social, economic, financial losses but mental exhaustion to an extend that mankind awaits another pandemic in the form of ‘Depression’. Truth is, mental health is much more important than physical health. Turkish playwright, Mehmet Murat Ildan wrote, “A strong mind-locked to its target burns and destroys all obstacles on
his way like a laser gun.” Mind is what strengthens the physical body but due to the ongoing unrest, our mental condition is fragile. Imagine if depression becomes an infection, are we equipped to deal with a suicide chain reaction?

As we progress being humans from Neanderthals to Homo sapiens, we have first evolved physically and later egoistically. Man is nothing now but a container of ego. The human population is living in a world of eternal comfort — controlling everything in the world except the mind. We have programmed our mind and body in ways that the uniqueness of individuality is suppressed and everybody wants to become what the boxed society feeds them to be. This gives rise to a competitive nature which harbours jealousy, anxiety, mayhem, sadness, depression, feeling of being a failure, and fear among other traits. This is not evolution rather it is an exploitation of mind, body, resources and nature. In the quest of ambition, power and pleasure,
we have forgotten that we are simply energy. We are souls in a mechanical body and all this negativity is going to come back to haunt us because energy knows no feelings and manifestations. It only understands vibrations.

The world is burning and it needs salvation. Earth has provided us with abundant resources but our selfish nature won’t rest until it depletes all the good that there’s to offer. Mind, body, soul, nature and cosmos — all are connected through one thread but the programming of our minds is forcing us to live a meaningless rat-race. The downfall of mental health is the result of this deep-seated programming that has driven us to compete and not care about others or even self. It has forced us to conceal our true identities and force a front that is ‘worthy’ of being a part of this pretentious world.

The caged life that forces us to abide by the rules in this world of expectations is the reason for deteriorating mental health. It may be termed differently, but the root cause of the suffering is suppression and unrealistic expectations. The ego makes the brain fight for survival and since we have gone past the survival instinct, it is now consuming us within. We have lost our touch with nature. Our minds are busy competing with the society and our energies are being absorbed for all the wrong reasons. It’s okay to express what we truly feel. It’s okay to be sad or depressed but not to give up your life for it. If we decide to fight and overcome this menace, then only we will be able to counter this upcoming pandemic. If not, then mankind will have to pay a price that would be far worse than what it currently is. 

A simple change can be brought by a conscious decision to commit and focus on the greater good. Acceptance is key. Life in itself has many happy moments, we just need to channelise our energies in the right direction.

Article by: Priyanka Bhattacharjee