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Anthology of poems by Kristina Anggo

Anthology of poems by Kristina Anggo

Put Your Trust in Me

Take my hand, trust in me
Let’s cross this red light together
Take my hand, trust in me
Let’s cross this bridge together
Take my hand, trust in me
Let’s cross the barrier together
Take my hand, trust in me
Let’s weave these threads together

I guarantee you that our love won’t dwindle but will flourish
I guarantee you that our love won’t rot but will bloom
I guarantee you that our love won’t fade but will smoulder
I guarantee you that our love won’t be fleeting but will be everlasting

I could see the exhaustion in your eyes
You’re trying to collect all the scattered crumbles that fell from your brittle heart
Would you let me mend your broken heart?

I would never leave you nor forsake you…no matter what I assure you!
I love you sincerely from the innermost depths of my heart
My love for you is unbridled and infinite
It will never come to an end or cease
Dwell with me. Will you?
Put your trust in me. Will you?

A Rainy Day under my Blue Umbrella

The gloomy day started to pour water droplets from the sky
I’m still here, walking in a maze under my blue umbrella
Still trying to figure out where is the exit
Meanwhile, I’m crooning in the rain to solace my tangled thoughts

I’m stepping barefoot in a puddle
I’m not sure if that’s a puddle of rain or a puddle of my tears
My face is soaking wet
I’m not sure if that’s because of the rain splash or because of the drip of my tears
I wish the rain would fall heavier and more blaringly

Hence, no one would hear me sobbing 
Under the blue umbrella with my blue feelings
I’m wondering If I can possibly unravel this maze
I’m wondering if there is rapture and bliss at the end of this maze
I have no idea

I keep crooning and walking in the rain under my blue umbrella
I’m wiping my tears and letting my worries flee away
I will fight my doubts vigorously,
I will find my way eventually
I persevered
Nothing can threaten me; not even a gust of wind.

My Homeland, My Home

My steps are many miles away from my home and my homeland
Roaming abroad, I pondered where do I belong?
Across the skies, across the sea, and across the island
I promise I won’t be long

My flesh, my bones apart from my family
Nevertheless, their love instilled hope within my soul
Their love encouraged me tremendously
Granted me wishes and prayers for the long haul

I’ve been pining for my home from a distance
Come closer! Listen!
My homeland’s national song echoed within my ribcage
Is that a mere coincidence?
It persuaded me to scribble a yearning ode on a page

My homeland, my home, my cradle is many miles far away

Near nor far, I have a profound love for my homeland
and my home within my heart; no fibs, nothing can sway

Poems by: Kristina Regine Anggo

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