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Why affirmations are powerful?

Why affirmations are powerful?

One night in the jungle, there was a man who lost his way back home. He thought it would be better to rest till morning and sat under a tree. He then wished that it would be great if he could get something to eat. Suddenly, he got some fruits to eat which he devoured. Next, he hoped for a bed so that he could get some sleep. One after the other, his wishes were answered and he couldn’t believe what was happening. He became suspicious and was now worried as to what would happen next. What he didn’t realise was that the tree where he was taking refuge, was a wishing tree.

In our lives, we too can create a wishing tree in our thoughts that enables us to acquire anything we desire. This may seem like a joke but read further to understand how we can resolve most of our problems. People believe that our fate is sealed and we can’t do anything about it. The secret of living a happy life is in believing the fact that we can rewrite our story. Just how a movie director can add, update or delete a scene, we can alter our lives as well. As the director of our lives, we can change the script to get our lives back on track and cherish every moment of it.

Let’s move to the part where I help you with how we can do that — by being subconsciously intelligent. Irish author Joseph Murphy in his book, ‘The Power of Your Subconscious Mind‘ shared, “There is a goldmine within you from which you can extract everything you need to live life gloriously, joyously and abundantly.” That goldmine is our subconscious mind. We can make it our wishing tree by planting the right seed. We can bring more power, wealth, health, joy and happiness to our lives. To do so, we have to become subconsciously intelligent and for that, we need to have faith in the process and make sure it keeps recurring.

I read a story where a father used to say please take my arm but make my daughter happy and fit as one of her arms was not fully functional. His repetitive use of words, ‘please take my arm and make my daughter well’, came true as he met with an accident and lost his arm. At the same time, his daughter’s arm started healing and became better over time. That’s the power of repetition. To use repetition, we must follow a technique called ‘Affirmations’. It is one of the best techniques of ‘Laws of Attraction’.

Affirmations are autosuggestions that we give to ourselves. It’s the best way of planting a seed in our subconscious mind. Whatever you write inside, you will experience it outside. It can be positive or negative. So we need to be careful with what we are planting in our minds. When we say, hear, or think about these statements, they become our thoughts. The great thing about affirmations is that they can work for everyone. By using it, we can train our subconscious mind in unfavourable situations as well.

When we repeat positive affirmations daily, it helps us in reshaping our inner beliefs and assumptions about ourselves and the world around us. This reshaping gives us a more positive perception of who we are and where we stand. We have to truly believe in our affirmations. It has got the power to transform our external world by changing our internal one. Affirmations can be used for anything like goals, health, wealth, relationship, self-confidence and overcoming fears. We might feel that things are changing but the truth is that the situation remains the same but our ability to deal with those situations has changed.

For instance, if we want to speak to someone on phone, we need to dial the number in the same format that is given to us. In the same way, to use affirmations we need to follow the syntax. Here are some steps which will help you in creating your own affirmations.

  1. It should be a positive, personal statement in the present tense
  2. Start your affirmation with I am because they are the most powerful words, for what you put after them shapes your reality
  3. To raise vibration, you need to use vibrational words such as delighted, wonderful and happy among others
  4. You can also add gratitude in your affirmation
  5. Write your affirmation once in your daily journal. Words are powerful so it is better to write them at least once every day
  6. Read or sing your affirmation with enthusiasm
  7. Do your best to imagine that you are already doing and getting what you are singing or writing in your journal. Feel them to be true in this present moment
  8. Like any other skill, the affirmation must be practised until they become your second nature
  9. You need to have patience, consistency and an unshakeable belief that what you desires will come true
  10. Have faith in the Universe

Here are some affirmations to give you an idea on how you can create your own. You can even modify them. 

For wealth 
I am feeling wonderful and grateful as money comes to me in increasing quantities through expected and unexpected ways continuously

For health 
I am blessed and grateful as my health is getting better day by day and I am feeling healthy and beautiful

For career 
I am delighted that I am doing my dream job with the salary I always wanted. Thank you, Universe

For self-confidence 
1. I am a whole, strong, powerful and the most confident person in the world 
2.  I am getting better day by day
3.  I can do anything

For relationship 
I am blessed and grateful for the life I am spending with my partner. He/She is caring, honest and understanding. We are happily living our lives with each other. Thank you, Universe

At first, a new affirmation may not seem to be true. Don’t worry. The point of a new affirmation is to widen your perspective to the possibility of it and to think differently. As you think about it more and more, the possibility of this affirmation coming true will open your life to several new things that you would haven’t thought about otherwise. Through the use of affirmations, you realise how much power you have over your thoughts and in turn, your whole life. It all starts with just one affirmation and eventually, you will be empowered to change your way of thinking.

The best things about affirmations are that they are flexible and creative. There are existing affirmations that you can use for guidance. At the same time, you can also create your own with the steps and examples given. Creating an affirmation that is personal and specific to your situation can help you transition from where you are to where you want to be in no time. The process of creating these affirmations can be a fun and productive outlet as you envision the life you want to lead. Adopt this technique and you’ll see positive results in no time.

Diksha Dogra

Diksha Dogra

Diksha is a mind trainer, personality transformation coach, and a speaker. She helps people in reprogramming their subconscious mind to become a better version of themselves and live a joyful life.