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Poems on heartbreak, yearning, and love

Poems on heartbreak, yearning, and love

Beneath the Stars

I laid beneath the stars in the solitude of the night,
Then, gradually, this emptiness became unbearable.
Until loneliness came and devoured my soul.
I knew how oblivious I was.
Although I endeavoured to feed my yearning,
I still feel a craving for mundane pleasure.
Although I endeavoured to saturate my parched life,
I still feel dry in my mirage life.

I began to notice the restlessness that haunted my mind.
It will run on to my future.
I began to think about how I could stop it.
However, the more I pondered, the more absurdity resonated in my mind.
Apparently, this loneliness had ingrained itself in my life.
Apparently, this overwhelming longing has been a bane in my life.

All I could do is to conjure the paradox of my life becoming an amusement park,
To conceal my inner loneliness,
To conceal these intangible feelings,
To conceal these inevitable feelings.

I laid beneath the stars,
While waiting for a star to fall; 
Wondered if I could make a wish.
I wish happiness would come into my life uncountably like those numerous stars…

One Day in the Shower

I’m sitting in the shower
Showering my whole body with tears
Showering my despairing heart with tears 
Showering my cluttered mind with tears
Puffy eyes, sulky face
I can’t even recognise myself anymore

I’m sitting in the shower
Thinking that I have failed at the bonds that I’ve worked so hard to achieve
Questioning my worth
Questioning my value
Don’t I deserve to be loved and cared for?

I’m sitting in the shower
Letting my sobbing voice compete with the water drops
Letting my tears flow till my heart’s rage subsides
Washing away my negative thoughts
Washing away all the decaying pain in my heart

In the end, stepping out of the shower
Wearing my confidence and relying on my strength
Meanwhile, endeavouring to think everything will be alright

After You Came in My Life

I used to drift into an ocean of tears
I was so exhausted and couldn’t swim anymore in pain
Hence, I drowned in the depths of my sorrow
Then you came in my life and rescued me with your love

My heart tore apart
Then you stitched it back through the needle of your care
My trust was broken
Then you repaired it with righteousness
My mind was poisoned with my dark past
Then you gave me an antidote with your presence
My world was bleak before you came in my life

Your love is so therapeutic
Your love healed the gashes upon my heart
Your love brought back my sanity
Your love caused me to burst into exuberance

Poems by: Kristina Regine Anggo

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