City Scope Studio: Gurung Dipen

Host Sumrit Buttar caught up with Gurung Dipen, owner of Funky Monkey. In this freewheeling chat, Gurung talks about his restro-bar, how it all began and how he plans to expand the franchise not just in Hong Kong but in other countries as well. Don’t forget to watch Gurung showcase some serious skills with the […]Read More

City Scope Studio: Sri Kishore (Part 2)

City Scope Studio: In the second part of the interview, host Sumrit Buttar asked Mr. Sri Kishore about his future projects and the kind of cinema that inspired him. From Bollywood to Tollywood to Indo-Cantonese films, Sri Kishore highlights the similarities as well as differences across the mediums. With ‘My Indian Boyfriend‘ scheduled for a […]Read More

City Scope Studio: Sri Kishore (Part 1)

City Scope Studio: Host Sumrit Buttar spoke to Mr. Sri Kishore — director of My Indian Boyfriend. Find out what inspired him to switch from being an electrical engineer to a filmmaker. His upcoming Indo-Cantonese film that has been shot in Hong Kong and how he integrated Bollywood songs to educate the audience about Indian […]Read More

IPL 2021: Updated squads post retention/release period

The upcoming edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) is already gaining momentum as the eight participating teams have retained their core and released a few players to further strengthen their team in the auctions. Here’s a quick round-up on the team composition and how much money is left for each of the franchises. Join […]Read More

Predictions for 2021

While we all are eagerly waiting for the New Year to begin so that we can leave our miseries in the past, the predictions of the year to come don’t seem to be that promising as of now. In 2021, the most crucial time will be the first four months (January to April). Rahu in Taurus, […]Read More

The current structure of domestic cricket in Hong Kong

In the first part, we covered how cricket found its footing in Hong Kong. Now, we’ll delve deeper into the existing setup that has not only strengthened the domestic structure but has also seen active participation from locals. Over the years, Hong Kong cricket was majorly dominated by service personnel and expatriates. However, the inception […]Read More

Chinese Soups and Teas

Slimming Tea Ingredients:20gms dried haw20gms shelled dried longans10 red dates and 12gms goji berryRock sugar Cooking Method:Boil the water and put all ingredients (except rock sugar). Cook over low heat for 20 minutes. Season with rock sugar and serve. (Note: Remove the seeds of red dates before cooking). Health Benefits:Dried longans, goji berry and red […]Read More

Rappin’ 852: Hong Kong musicians

In the past, Hong Kong-based musicians weren’t able to dominate the scene or garner as much attention as they would have liked. However, with changing times and cultural diversification, the recent crop of musicians are making their presence felt. Youngsters from different cultural backgrounds have used Hong Kong as their muse to express their emotions […]Read More

City Scope Studio: Jaya Peesapaty

City Scope Studio: Host Satyapriya Sadhu interacted with Ms. Jaya Peesapaty — Founder and President of the Telugu Association in Hong Kong. Find out what inspired her to begin the association in the first place, her journey in Hong Kong and how she has created a home away from home for Indians residing here as […]Read More

City Scope Special: Inderjeet Singh (Part 2)

In continuation, Inderjeet Singh talks about his upcoming movies and the actors that he aspires to work with. Watch the video to know more about Hong Kong cinema and how contributions from ethnic minorities have diversified the themes depicted on the silver screen. Don’t forget to like, comment and share!Read More