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What is all the rage about alpha-arbutin?

It is no surprise that finding the right skincare product for a specific skin concern is overwhelming and frustrating. The global skin care and cosmetic industry are raging with a countless number of brands, products, and promises. With a plethora of options, it is difficult to come down to ‘the one right’ product. Talking about skin […]Read More

Role of Korean Beauty in shaping today’s skin care industry

Majority of us, knowingly or unknowingly use at least one K-beauty product in our skin care regime. These products and high-tech formulations might have reached our doors now, but have been in the industry for ages, even before skin care was conceptualised. From kohl to eyeliners, lard to moisturisers, scrubs to chemical exfoliants, the Korean […]Read More

Skin care is self-care

Often, people misunderstand the term ‘self-care’ with ‘self-improvement’. Self-improvement comes from a perfectionist mindset, where we believe that we need to fix ourselves to achieve our goals. Many aspects of this industry, such as diet or weight loss/weight gain, send the message that if people work harder on themselves, they will be able to fix what […]Read More

Here’s why SPF is your BFF

Summers and sunscreen go hand in hand. Most of us can relate to slathering sunscreen under the scorching heat as covering the exposed parts of the body is the need of the hour. But is it equally important during other seasons? Or indoors? If yes, why?  What is sunscreen?Imagine it as a shield that protects […]Read More