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Where to draw the line as friends?

Friendships are an integral part of our lives. Friends are our chosen family. We choose who we want to be with, who we would like to have in our lives, and who we would like to surround ourselves with… choosing these people is an important decision. We start forming these decisions and making these choices from […]Read More

Breaking the cycle: recovering from gaslighting

Nowadays, we are more mindful of any gaslighting behaviour in our daily social interactions. This awareness helps us in seeing how much the experience of gaslighting can influence our way of perceiving identity, trust in social connections, and self-confidence while navigating our lives. However, it is not an isolated incident. We have come across such experiences […]Read More

Existence or essence: which matters more?

When the pandemic began, none of us could have imagined that our lives would get altered to such an extent that we would forget how it was to live before COVID-19 struck. Be it our work-life, the way we consume food or are often restricted to our rooms, the new ‘normal’ is difficult to understand. […]Read More

The economic, social, and psychological impact of the pandemic

It has been more than two years since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Post that, every individual on this planet has been impacted in some way or the other. The successful implementation of the vaccination drives across the world has helped us co-exist with the virus. However, with new variants surfacing and disrupting lives from time […]Read More

Healthier lifestyle: a need of the hour

Fitness plays an important role in our lives. Especially when you find yourself in the middle of a pandemic, mental and physical well-being become a priority. Sharing her insights and emphasising the need for getting fit is Ms. Pooja Laungani – Hong Kong’s first cancer specialist trainer. As a fitness guru for the last three […]Read More

Social media through the lens of mental health

‘Social Media’ and ‘Mental Health’, perhaps the four most discussed and read words on social media platforms and newspapers today. But how exactly are they interconnected in this fast-paced world of technology, and how is one affecting the other, is what we need to ponder upon. Humans are creatures of habitual living, they look for […]Read More


根據美國一網站調査,香港成為2020年「全球最大生活壓力城市」的第一名。同處於香港的你們・你好嗎?過去的一兩年在香港發生的事情實在太多太多, 大多數香港人本身已要應付家庭的大小事務、工作的壓力, 然後近年所發生的社會衝突還有現在正在影響全世界的新冠肺炎疫情, 作為其中一個香港人的我, 真的不難理解香港會成為「全球最大生活壓力城市」的榜首。 也許正正是因為這個原因,很多香港人都患有大大小小不同的情緒病:抑鬱症、焦慮症這些都是比較常見的。當然,我不是什麼心理醫生,實在沒有資格給你一些專業的意見,但作為過來人的我,很想跟你分享一些我的個人經歷,那時候我是怎樣一步一步走出來的。 一.獨自找尋快樂也許你會覺得這個建議很荒謬,怎可能再閒情逸致叫自己去找快樂?我相信每個人總有自己喜歡做的事,有的喜歡寫作、有的喜歡閱讀、有的喜歡打電動⋯⋯ 無論如何,你總有自己愛做的事情,或是一些能令你有成功感的事情。那時候的我很愛獨處(現在有時候也是),也很愛戶外活動,所以我每逢有空檔便會到沙灘曬曬太陽,吸收那些天然的維他命D,又或者我會自己去行山,我喜歡亦欣賞大自然,所以也會抽時間與自己獨處,也許正正這些與自己相處的時間,你會更了解自己想過怎樣的生活,想怎樣活下去,繼而把自己從一個死胡同帶到有無限可能的分岔路口。 二.別把嘗試關心你的人拒於門外 我懂,我們總是覺得別人沒有可能百分之一百明白我們的處境,然後你可能又會覺得別人只是在同情又或把我們當作笑話來看。但,為什麼我們總是要把別人想得那麼有機心呢?讓別人關心一下你吧,你也可以趁機知道誰是真心對待你、關心你,又有些只是你人生中的一部分過客。多一個人關心並不是什麼壞事,「一枝竹仔會易折彎,幾枝竹一扎段折難。」在這裡我也想趁著這個機會,向我身邊的家人和朋友說聲謝謝,謝謝你們沒 有遺下我,反而把我從谷底拉上來。所以啊,真心待你好的人會陪伴你渡過所有難關,事半亦功倍。 以上是以我的個人經歷所得出的小小建議,然而每個人都是個獨立個體,你們才最清楚你們想要怎樣的人生,有些比較嚴重的個案還是比較建議去尋求專業人士的協助。到文章的結尾,我真的很想用過來人的身份來跟你說:在這條情緒病康復的過程中,你一定不會是孤身一人,同時你也要相信自己一定做得到,加油!Read More

What causes self-doubt and how to overcome it?

We all have two kinds of inner voices that empower or disempower us. The one that empowers us comes from our good experiences, high self-esteem, and confidence. It helps us in accomplishing things that we once thought we couldn’t do. The other one, which disempowers us, is the one that always pulls us back from […]Read More

What is gaslighting: how to identify if you are a

You are inside a room, facing a sofa. You can see the sofa and three cushions on it. You stand up and walk wearily towards it. You extend your hand, touching its surface ever so slightly and feeling its soft bristles on your hand. But the person standing behind you is constantly telling you the […]Read More

Matters related to the mind do matter

Health is wealth, they say. Paying attention to the adage, people often take care of their physical health but tend to ignore their mental health. The truth is that if our mental health is good, our physical health instantly gets better. However, the same can’t be said if we just focus on our physical health […]Read More