Hong Kong’s Magna Opera

Hong Kong ranks 168th in terms of area coverage of cities around the world. In terms of population, it consists of 7.5 million people. How is it then that a city with a comparatively small area and population density has ended up creating countless classic movies? Once called the ‘Hollywood of East’, Hong Kong cinema […]Read More

Reading it ‘Short’

Popular literature has lately been looked at from the lens of a novel. It almost seems impossible to imagine literature without a thick hardbound cover. Whenever one enters a book store, all they look for are hardbound bestsellers. The popularity of novels is such that there are people who think that William Shakespeare wrote novels!  […]Read More

The Art of Alteration

The smell of books can never be beaten by a screen. Moreover, a film adds to the book’s readership by making it reach a wider audience. An old tussle between bibliophiles and cinephiles is on the question of loyalty of a film adaptation to the book that it has been derived from. A cherished argument given […]Read More

What’s in a name?

Whether you call him the Bard of Avon, England’s national poet or simply William Shakespeare, the 16th-century poet and playwright is known all over the world for his literary contributions. After the Bible, Shakespeare’s works are most widely translated. He was able to conceive over 37 plays, 154 sonnets and three poems during his lifetime […]Read More

Nothing happens. Nobody comes, nobody goes…

Have you ever stopped and wondered about the meaning or meaninglessness of life? What is ‘life’ and its purpose in this modern world where millions are trying to make a living every day and are walking like a flock of sheep on a single street? The 20th Century playwrights had similar concerns. Around the time […]Read More

Through the looking glass

Last year was a test of patience and character. Each and everyone suffered in some way or the other. For some, the situation was so bad and there was no coming back, for others, the only way out was to endure all the sufferings. The world somehow managed to hang on the fragile thread of […]Read More

Redefining the epic: women writers’ interventionist novels

Ever wondered how stories affect us? They tend to govern our actions, values and many times, influence our way of thinking. The world is full of stories. It is said that humans require stories more than bread, in order to survive. The art of storytelling isn’t a skill that came to existence a decade or […]Read More

Lights, camera, classic!

Memories are something that we keep going back to as they often bring a lasting smile. Be it the polaroid from high school or a pack of loved DVDs, a bit of nostalgia doesn’t hurt anyone. Many such moments are captured through the realm of movies too. Since the advent of cinema, motion picture camera […]Read More