Breaking the cycle: recovering from gaslighting

Nowadays, we are more mindful of any gaslighting behaviour in our daily social interactions. This awareness helps us in seeing how much the experience of gaslighting can influence our way of perceiving identity, trust in social connections, and self-confidence while navigating our lives. However, it is not an isolated incident. We have come across such experiences […]Read More

What is gaslighting: how to identify if you are a

You are inside a room, facing a sofa. You can see the sofa and three cushions on it. You stand up and walk wearily towards it. You extend your hand, touching its surface ever so slightly and feeling its soft bristles on your hand. But the person standing behind you is constantly telling you the […]Read More

Grieving a loss of togetherness

Romantic relationships are layered brick by brick with hopeful companionship while witnessing each other’s life in real-time. When we begin knowing someone romantically, our lives become mouldable to welcome this refreshing investment of feelings, time and becomingness. As we continue welcoming another person into our life, we become more familiar with the psychological stability two […]Read More

Rethinking anxiety and being mindful about ourselves

My mind reflects at the scene that is being painted simultaneously: I am standing alone, facing something that is not familiar to me. I sense I am in danger. I look around and I find myself without a guard. A step back taken by me is a step forward towards the immediate danger. My heart […]Read More

Mental health first responders, assemble!

The first to reach the scene of any medical emergency are the first responders, vested with their knowledge to help anyone in need of immediate attention. Using their trained eye, they scan the environment for people who may need help and in a matter of few reflexes, are seen supporting them. There is only one […]Read More