India’s separation from Single-use Plastics

When one ponders about what could be the dominant contributing element to pollution and global warming, the answer experts have given varies. However, a recurring attributed element found in many of the answers is single-use plastic. A hazard to the environment as well as to the marine ecosystem, single-use plastics are non-biodegradable and an extreme […]Read More

An anthology of poems on individual, society, love, and loss

This anthology of poems is an ode to the multitude of late-night musings that urge us to keep pushing our sleep back by minutes, at times hours, to capture the creative juices flowing. Thematically, there is an essence of self-discovery in each of these poems, that takes cognizance of societal norms, grit, love, and loss. […]Read More

Soft and steady wins the race!

Ever wondered why and how the pattern of writing our job resumes over the years has changed so drastically? How, from just a basic listicle stating our qualifications, we have now evolved to describing our soft skills and laying great emphasis on our attributes? This article unravels the intricate paradigm shift of the supremacy between […]Read More

A Saint Moritzian Summer

Back in 2017, I had my first taste of the enchanting Swiss bliss, where I had the good fortune to be lapped up in the southern-most arms of the Swiss Alps. To have Sankt Moritz or Saint Moritz as your initiation into Switzerland is like the most welcoming standing ovation you can ever receive. From […]Read More

Quintessentially, Austria

The earliest memory that I have of Austria is when my brother and I were playing a game of Atlas and were both stuck on the letter A. Thus came the revelation of this quaint central European country’s existence, which certainly is distinct from Australia! Fast forward a decade or so and I finally had […]Read More

Amour, Italia 2.0

It is often said that Rome was not built in a day and for this very reason, you must necessarily spend more than just a day exploring all its contours. With this, welcome to the second part of our travel feature on Amour Italia, where I take you through Europe’s most iconic city, Rome and […]Read More

Amour, Italia!

It all began three years ago – this summer love affair of mine with Italy! My family and I were to attend a big fat destination Indian wedding in Switzerland and as fate would have it, the journey didn’t stop there as we decided to prolong and make a trip out of it. Switzerland was the […]Read More

United by social media at times of social distancing

Drumming your fingers on the countertop, thinking of how to while your time whilst you remain indoors during a pandemic? So was I and that led to the inception of this article that looks at varied social media platforms and the viral trends that have kept the world more connected even during the distress of social […]Read More

Catalunya Calling

Setting foot in the historically rich and mesmerising city of Catalunya, one is almost automatically transformed into a traveller! Brimming with Art, Culture, History, Economy, Fashion and the marvellous architectural edifices designed by Antoni Gaudí, Barcelona, is undoubtedly one of Europe’s most favourite travel destinations. Working my way through some amazing European cities, I saved Barcelona […]Read More