Power of Fashion

Are you familiar with the story of Adam and Eve? Yes, we are referring to the Bible. God created Adam and Eve as the first human beings and they went on to live naked in the Garden of Eden. While living in paradise, Adam and Eve had access to anything and everything. The only restriction […]Read More

Colour 101: Understanding how colours impact apparel design

Colours play a vital role in design and everyday life. They can draw your eye to an image, evoke a certain mood or emotion, even communicate something important without using any words. It is also the most important element of appearance as it’s the first thing anyone pays attention to. It can make you stand […]Read More

Why travel is the best education

Have you felt the satisfaction of striking off a new place in your list of places to visit? Those who have would know what travelling is all about. For others, read this article and start exploring. We all know that travelling the world is a great way to force personal growth and experience life through […]Read More

A Beginner’s Guide to Sustainable Fashion

Climate change is real as our environment is getting affected every passing day, and we humans are responsible for our actions that have led to such consequences. Terms such as Global Warming, Climate Change, Water Scarcity, Water Pollution, and Air Pollution, among others, have become a part of our lives. So much so, that, inadvertently, we […]Read More

How to dress better this year

New year, new me! That’s something we all say at the start of a new year but don’t practise in reality. Six months down the line, we can surely recall saying the same in January but the implementation is still lacking. No more slacking as it’s time to change that and get your A-game to […]Read More

How to shop mindfully?

Everyone loves shopping, be it digitally or physically in the stores. A compulsive shopper will not only buy things that he/she needs but will also end up buying stuff that they don’t need. These purchases exhibit a behavioural pattern that not only drains their bank account but also leaves them feeling guilty. Delve deeper and […]Read More

Travel guide post COVID-19

In the last few months, the ongoing pandemic has not only physically restricted us but has also held our souls captive as travelling has become non-existent. Time and again, the only desire has been to break the shackles and remind ourselves as to how it was when one could roam about freely and extend their […]Read More

How to find your sense of style?

Being a fashion stylist and a fashion enthusiast, the question that I am most frequently asked is, “how does one find their sense of style?” Everyone belongs to a certain category of style; it could be one or a combination of two. To begin with, one should look at the style type that they prefer […]Read More

21 days of self-love

When the first phase of a lockdown of 21 days was announced in India due to COVID-19 pandemic, I decided to undertake a self-love challenge for keeping my mind and body healthy. The task was simple as I used daily household ingredients such as tomato, aloe vera, onion, honey, coffee, cucumber, lemon, ginger, and flour among […]Read More