Soft and steady wins the race!

Ever wondered why and how the pattern of writing our job resumes over the years has changed so drastically? How, from just a basic listicle stating our qualifications, we have now evolved to describing our soft skills and laying great emphasis on our attributes? This article unravels the intricate paradigm shift of the supremacy between […]Read More

Skinimalism is here to stay!

Skincare is an integral part of our lives. We all have a range of skincare products that we use to look our best. But, do we really need all of them? The global beauty industry is one of the most profit-making industries. According to Forbes, the beauty industry was worth US$ 532 billion in 2019 […]Read More

Why travel is the best education

Have you felt the satisfaction of striking off a new place in your list of places to visit? Those who have would know what travelling is all about. For others, read this article and start exploring. We all know that travelling the world is a great way to force personal growth and experience life through […]Read More

What causes self-doubt and how to overcome it?

We all have two kinds of inner voices that empower or disempower us. The one that empowers us comes from our good experiences, high self-esteem, and confidence. It helps us in accomplishing things that we once thought we couldn’t do. The other one, which disempowers us, is the one that always pulls us back from […]Read More

Work From Home: a trend that should continue in the

At some point or the other, everyone encounters days when they just don’t want to go to work and stay indoors without exhausting their limited quota of leaves and facing the wrath of their bosses. We all have been there, done that. So much so, that some companies incorporated ‘Work From Home’ in their policies […]Read More

What is gaslighting: how to identify if you are a

You are inside a room, facing a sofa. You can see the sofa and three cushions on it. You stand up and walk wearily towards it. You extend your hand, touching its surface ever so slightly and feeling its soft bristles on your hand. But the person standing behind you is constantly telling you the […]Read More

Where did the US go wrong?

At present, the United States of America has the highest number of cases and deaths in the world due to COVID-19. How can such a developed nation that has advanced capabilities and a sound medical infrastructure collapse like that? If this thought crossed your mind, then further reading this article will elucidate as to what […]Read More

A Beginner’s Guide to Sustainable Fashion

Climate change is real as our environment is getting affected every passing day, and we humans are responsible for our actions that have led to such consequences. Terms such as Global Warming, Climate Change, Water Scarcity, Water Pollution, and Air Pollution, among others, have become a part of our lives. So much so, that, inadvertently, we […]Read More

COVID-Somnia’s impact on sleep patterns and how to deal with

Do you have trouble sleeping? Do you end up staying awake through the night or wake up early and can’t go back to sleep? Then you ought to be familiar with the term ‘insomnia’. Broadly defined, it is a sleeping disorder in which individuals have trouble falling or staying asleep. This can be chronic or […]Read More

A Saint Moritzian Summer

Back in 2017, I had my first taste of the enchanting Swiss bliss, where I had the good fortune to be lapped up in the southern-most arms of the Swiss Alps. To have Sankt Moritz or Saint Moritz as your initiation into Switzerland is like the most welcoming standing ovation you can ever receive. From […]Read More