Where to draw the line as friends?

Friendships are an integral part of our lives. Friends are our chosen family. We choose who we want to be with, who we would like to have in our lives, and who we would like to surround ourselves with… choosing these people is an important decision. We start forming these decisions and making these choices from […]Read More

Poems on heartbreak, yearning, and love

Beneath the Stars I laid beneath the stars in the solitude of the night,Then, gradually, this emptiness became unbearable.Until loneliness came and devoured my soul.I knew how oblivious I was.Although I endeavoured to feed my yearning,I still feel a craving for mundane pleasure.Although I endeavoured to saturate my parched life,I still feel dry in my […]Read More

What is all the rage about alpha-arbutin?

It is no surprise that finding the right skincare product for a specific skin concern is overwhelming and frustrating. The global skin care and cosmetic industry are raging with a countless number of brands, products, and promises. With a plethora of options, it is difficult to come down to ‘the one right’ product. Talking about skin […]Read More

The actual cost of clothing

This feature is about clothing — the clothes we wear, the people who make these clothes, and the impact they have on our world. It’s about greed and fear, power and poverty. It’s really complex as it extends all around the world. But, it’s also really simple, revealing just how connected we are to the […]Read More

Micro habits that will transform “you”

Change is not something that everyone embraces on the first go but sometimes, it transforms your life. The type of change that most people neglect but has a huge impact on their lives are micro changes. Micro habits are those small habits you can add to your day-to-day schedule without aggressively affecting your routine. These changes […]Read More

Horoscope for July 2022

AriesThis month is favourable for singles who are looking for companionship. On the financial front, it is not going to be smooth sailing. Do not invest without proper research.  TaurusIt is the ideal time to resolve the long-standing matters in your life, especially with your family. People in relationships need to communicate and not confide […]Read More

Law of Attraction

We all have heard stories of how someone achieved something seemingly impossible — almost magically — or someone rose from rags to riches. We often end up concluding that these achievements had something to do with ‘good luck’. However, whenever you hear these success stories or stories of how someone did the unthinkable, it is […]Read More

Navratri: Its history and significance

Did you know that as per Hindu mythology and tradition, Navratri occurs five times in a year? These are Chaitra Navratri, Ashadha Navratri, Sharad Navratri, Pausha Navratri, and Magha Navratri. However, only Chaitra Navratri and Sharad Navratri are celebrated on a large scale. Chaitra Navratri falls during the Chaitra month (March-April) as per the Hindu […]Read More

All you need to know about Ramadan

Just how Diwali is for Hindus and Christmas is for Christians, Ramadan is a sacred time for Muslims. Ramadan is derived from the Arabic word “ramiḍa or ar-ramaḍ”, meaning intense or scorching heat, as the auspicious festival usually occurs during summers. Ramadan, also known as Ramzan, is a holy month of praying and fasting for […]Read More

Role of Korean Beauty in shaping today’s skin care industry

Majority of us, knowingly or unknowingly use at least one K-beauty product in our skin care regime. These products and high-tech formulations might have reached our doors now, but have been in the industry for ages, even before skin care was conceptualised. From kohl to eyeliners, lard to moisturisers, scrubs to chemical exfoliants, the Korean […]Read More